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How to use the CPRTrakr in 3 Simple Steps:

  • If you see someone who has collapsed, check their ABCs to determine if they need CPR. If they do, place the CPRTrakr near the patient and push the button once to start the beeping sound and LED light flash indicator.
  • Begin CPR and continue until help arrives. Perform chest compressions to the same rhythm of the alerts from the CPRTrakr. Professional rescuers can follow the sound of the CPRTraker to find the location of the emergency.
  • Once professional rescuers have taken over, push the button again to stop the sound and LED light indicators.


Why you can benefit from a CPRTrakr

  • Correct CPR timing tempo sound and LED light indicators (110/minute)
  • Instantly ready wherever you are, no internet or charged phone required
  • Comes with a keychain loop to easily attach to keyrings
  • Lightweight, compact design for easy transportation
  • Acts as a beacon for rescuers to find the location of the emergency
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About Us

Why CPRTrakr?

Hi, I'm Amer Tobing. As a retired firefighter and owner of Life Rescue Training, I know just how important it is to be rescue ready. So, after teaching hundreds of CPR classes to thousands of students, I decided I wanted to find a way to best equip my students with a life-saving tool that will help them be rescue ready everywhere they go.

I know people sometimes have difficulty keeping tempo when performing CPR compressions in an emergency situation. I also know that people generally carry their keys everywhere. So I developed the CPRTrakr.

For the past year, I've shared the CPRTrakr with all of my students, and now it's time to share it with you.

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